Weapson Education Safes prides itself in building handmade custom Safes / Vaults to your specifications. Every Vault is a different size and weight. Our agreement is as follows:

  1. You pay for your Safe / Vault upfront. If you desire to put 50% down and 50% balance when shipped, that is an option. Keep in mind these Safes / Vaults are handmade with the highest quality steel in the USA. Not Chinese / big box store junk.

  2.  You agree to pay shipping cost right at the time we ship.

  3. Depending on the Safe / Vault you ordered the average cost of shipping is between $750 and $1750.

  4. The cost of your Safe / Vault is factory direct pricing, handmade to your specifications and the highest quality available to protect your valuables. Do not settle for Chinese steel. Many name brands are low end Chinese cabinets.

  5. Your cost of shipping will be between $750 and $1750. Call: 954-804-4381.

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